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The success of the Italian luxury brand Prada started with a very simple bag: a black ladies bag made of parachute nylon. Initially the nylon material was used for the packaging of leather bags - but suddenly these new nylon bags got popular. Later Prada has launched a backpack, which was also previously not considered fashionable. The design of the Prada collection is simple and with ascetically character.

With the motto "Turn ugly things into beautiful“ the
designer Miuccia Prada began to experiment on unusual materials and shapes.

Prada handbags design

The PRADA SPA is specialized in the manufacturing of bags and suitcases.


Miuccia Prada married Patrizio Bertelli, owner of a leather goods factory in Tuscany, whom she had met as a supplier at a fashion show. The today's husband and CEO Prada manager contributed significantly to the success of Prada. He has convinced Miuccia to  produce apart women's bags also shoes and clothing - later they have founded the  second-label Miu Miu.

Designer Miuccia Prada and husband Patrizio Bertelli

Prada is a trademark of the Prada Group, who is also the owner of further brands like Miu Miu, Church's and The Original Car Shoe. Miu Miu is a cheap version of Prada bags.

Prada brands

With the success of the Prada bags has began a rapid growth period - the so-called "Prada Mania". The couple Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli wanted to catch up with Gucci and Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH), mainly through acquisitions of expensive brands: fashion house Jil Sander, the English shoe brand Church's and Helmut Lang, shares of Gucci and Fendi.

Within 3 years the sales of the Prada Holding increased from 688 million to 1.73 billion euros in 2001. Prada, however, had no luck: the two fashion houses, Jil Sander and Helmut Lang made ​​only
losses and were sold again.

In 1999 Prada and LVMH together have taken over the financially troubled company
Fendi. Prada made big debts for the purchase and was not able, to get Fendi out of the deficit - 2001 Prada has sold their Fendi shares to LVMH

In 2005 the Prada Group returned to get profitability with 1.3 billion euros in sales.

The Prada SpA belongs  to the
Prada Holding which is 95% owned by the family Prada - Bertelli, the remaining 5% belont to the Italian bank "Banca Intesa".

Prada Group development

The famous Prada yacht "Luna Rossa ITA45" of the sailing enthusiast Patrizio Bertelli you can find in the port of Italy / Genoa.


With this yacht he is taking part at the America's Cup (an annual event when the Prada Luna Rossa Sport collection will be launched) 

Prada Luna Rossa

SERRAVALLE OUTLET: 15069 Serravalle Scrivia (AL), Via della Moda 1

Prada Outlet position: see Designer Outlet Piemonte / Liguria (north of Genoa)

MC ARTHUR OUTLET: 50031 Barberino Di Mugello (FI), Via A. Meucci Cavallina

Prada Outlet location: north of Florence

LOC. LEVANELLA: 52025 Montevarchi (AR), 69 Strada Regionale

Prada Outlet position: approximately 30 minutes south of Florence

IL CASTAGNO: 63019 Sant'Elpidio A Mare (FM), Via Mostrapiedi II

Prada Outlet location: south of Ancona

Prada Outlets Italy

In 2003 the novel "The devil wears Prada" which came out as cinema film  in 2006. Especialle the movie helped the luxury brand Prada to present them in a new light - in this period Prada had over 1 billion euro depts, and some free advertising from Hollywood was very welcome.


The film is about Fashion, Glamour, and glossy magazines. In the beginning of the film,  when "Meryl Streep" comes into her office, she carries - hardly recognizable - a Prada bag which is now - thanks to the movie - very popular. 

The actress Meryl Streep was dressed in
Valentino - and the "devil" himself appeared in Prada. Furthermore you can find in the movie some other advertising for Chanel and Tods - Prada has officially nothing to do with the film.

Movie "The devil wears Prada"

If you would like to buy Prada bags online, you should have a look at the Prada „E Store“ where you can find the newest models of prada bags.



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Prada bags online Shop

Prada handbags are very often faked - especially in China. Therefore before buying the bag you should check carefully,  whether the Prada handbag is original or a fake.


Original Prada handbags are sold with a licence card, and the Prada logo must be visible on every zip.

Prada fakes

Prada bag

Prada boutiques in Italy: Milan, Florence, Venice, Rome, Porto Cervo, Naples, Forte dei Marmi, Capri

Germany: Munich, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg

Austria: Vienna

Prada Shops

Prada in Italy

In Italy you can find following Prada outlets:

Prada Italy Venezia w

Miuccia Prada is considered as an leading person in the fashion world.

She presents her collection at the Prada Pret-a-porter fashion shows in Milan - altways with the powerful Vogue chief editor "Anna Wintour" as guest.


Cruise Terminal

Terminal Traghetti



Port Savona


Malpensa Airport















Port Genoa

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Miuccia Prada was born in 1949 in Milan and in the age of 28 years she has taken over the management of the leather goods company "Fratelli Prada".


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In 1989 Prada began to produce clothing: the first Prêt-à-Porter-Fall/Winter woman collection presented by Prada  made headlines with its simple style and minimalist design - in contrast to the clatter design of other fashion houses.

In 1993 Prada was honored for the
clear line design, fine material quality and excellent manual work with the international award "Council of Fashion Designers of America".

The Prada principle is thus to turn the ugly so that it becomes beautiful.

Prada bags

She has created a successful bag collection and the Italian leather goods producer Prada became one of the most famous groups for luxury goods.

Prada does not follow the fashion style that is „in“ - they create their own style against the others.