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Chloé bags - the company

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In 1952 the fashion company Chloé was founded in Paris by Gaby Aghion.
But the Chloé founder Gaby Aghion does not come from France - she was born in Egypt.

Since 2002 Chloé offers in addition to the fine women's clothing, accessories and fragrances also a Chloé bags collection.

Chloé handbags are beautiful and a status symbol - Chloé stands for luxury and exclusivity.

Since the 50s Chloé makes fashion for style-conscious women.

The bags from Chloé are distinctive and timeless beautiful.

Since 1985 Chloé belongs to the Swiss Richemont group, one of the largest luxury goods manufacturer in the world.

Chloé bags style

The design of Chloé bags is classic - with the special x-factor.

In the 60s Karl Lagerfeld was delegated as chief designer (see also Chanel bags and Fendi bags). Under his command Chloé and himself became world-famous.

Chloé has style and the bags from Chloé are worn by elegant women of all age groups.

Chloé does not produce short-term trends - the style is always feminine, but not too casual.

Chloé bags designer

Chloé bags italy
Chloé bag

In 1997 the British designer Stella McCartney (= daughter of ex-Beatle Paul McCartney) became the new director of Chloe as the successor of Karl Lagerfeld.

She has been an animal rights activist and in this period there was not processed any fur or leather.

In 2001 Stella McCartney decided that her successor should be Phoebe Philo, who later invented the popular Chloé Paddington bag and then changed his job to work for Céline.

Since 2006 the Swede Paulo Melim Anderson is chief designer for Chloé who maintained the modern and feminine style.

Chloé bags collection: Chloé Paddington

Chloé bags Outlet
Chloé bags

The very classic Chloé Paddington bag has become popular around the world.

The bag is a modern interpretation of the handle bag which one can be used for any occasion.

In 2004 the Paddington succeeded with a big boom.

The style could be described as "luxurious, romantic and completely French".

All of this we owe the former creative director Phoebe Philo.

Chloé bags collection: Chloé Marcie, Chloé Elsie

Also very popular is the Chloé Marcie - a particularly elegant bag with that you will make a good figure in any occasion.

Another successful model is the Chloé Elsie.

Particularly clever is the twisting lock of the Elsie bag.

In addition the finishing and the high leather quality is convincing.

Chloé Shops

The headquarters of Chloé is located in Paris

Chloé Stores Germany:
Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart

Chloé Stores Italy:
Milan „La Rinascente“ (Piazza Duomo)

Until now in Switzerland and in Austria there is no Chloé shop.

Chloé bags Outlet, Chloé Outlet

In Italy you can find the following Chloé bags Outlets:

Until now we do not know any Chloé Outlet.

Chloé online Shop

Attention: Unfortunately in various online shops there are many fake Chloé bags in circulation!

Before you buy please verify the authenticity – especially in the eBay store there are offered up to 99% fake bags (see our recommendations for Gucci bags fakes).

To buy Chloé bags online at the best price we recommend to compare the prices of several online stores.

You can find all Chloé handbags models and prices on the official Chloé website: