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Longchamp bags - the company

Longchamp bags shop Italy
Longchamp bags

In 1948 the fashion company Longchamp was founded in Paris by the French designer Jean Cassegrain.

Longchamp manufactures in addition to Longchamp bags many other high quality leather goods and luxury goods.

Most popular are the handbags and luggage’s, but they produce also wallets, leather gloves, belts and silk scarves.

Since 1955,the fashion company has specialized in the production of leather handbags. In 1958 the first leather factory in property was opened in the French Segre.

The practical and foldable travel bag "Le Pliage" is one of the most successful handbag models of Longchamp.

In the Longchamp Online Shop you even have the possibility to customize your Longchamp bag.

Longchamp bags Design

The designers of Longchamp are using visual effects to create a conspicuous and unusual look.

Handbags made by Longchamp are beautiful, practical and available in many color combinations.

Longchamp bags are recognizable by the personal touch and the racehorse logo.

The popular Longchamp Le Pliage travel bag is available in many different colors, so they can be combined with any outfit.

The bags are an "eye-catcher" and they impress with a simple and yet sophisticated design.

The extravagant finish and the high quality of Longchamp bags are excellent.

The color combination can be selected as required - with the function "Your Very Own Le Pliage" in the Longchamp Online Shop you can design your favorite model yourself.

A handbag from Longchamp is considered as an “status symbol from many young lawyers and business administration students”.

Le Pliage - the classic bag from Longchamp

Longchamp bag Italy
Longchamp bag

In 1993 the bags collection "Le Pliage" was introduced, which includes very high quality and reasonable bags (about 45 EUR).

The Longchamp Le Pliage is a foldable travel bag made of durable nylon, leather handles and a leather wrap with a golden push button.

When the bag is empty it can be folded up to save space - and it still looks chic !

The great success of Le Pliage was the beginning of the following expansion abroad (mainly in the USA).

Longchamp Store - Longchamp Shops

Longchamp bags Store
Longchamp Shops

The headquarters of the family company is located in Paris.

Already in 1979 the first Longchamp boutiques have been opened in Hong Kong and Japan.

In Europe you can find Longchamp stores in Germany (Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Wertheim) and Belgium.

Even at the Munich Airport you can find a Longchamp shop.

In Italy there is only one Longchamp boutique on the island Sardinia (Ajaccio), otherwise you have to come to the neighboring France (Nice, Cannes, S. Tropez, Marseille, Strasbourg, ...)

In Switzerland Longchamp is present with a shop in Zurich.

Longchamp Outlet Germany: Longchamp Outlet

Up to now we know only one Longchamp Outlet in Germany:

Longchamp Outlet Germany:
Wertheim Village

Otherwise the bags are sold exclusively in Longchamp boutiques and in the Longchamp online store.

Longchamp online Shop - buy Longchamp bags online

Longchamp offers an online store with the possibility to personalize your classic "Le Pliage" bag with "Your Very Own Le Pliage".

"Tailor-made bag" - the different sizes clutch, luggage, ... can be customized with different colors & handles and even your initials can be selected individually.

To buy Longchamp bags online at the best price we recommend to compare the prices of several online stores.

Let yourself be inspired by the designer handbag and order your favorite model in the Longchamp shop online!

You can find all Longchamp handbag models and prices on the official Longchamp website: