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In 1986 the Italian lifestyle brand Gabs was founded in Florence by Marco Campomaggi (see Campomaggi bags) and his wife Caterina Lucchi.

Gabs Handbags became famous with the innovative "3-in-1 bag" (Gabs G3), a flexible bag that by use of snaps can be transformed into 3 different bag shapes.

The trendy & cheeky Italian Gabs bags should bring a positive approach to life & cheerfulness

The company's credo is:

"Do not Worry - Be Gabs"

The fashion label Gabs offers more than breathtaking bags, Gabs describes a way of life.

Gabs stands for color, transformation and versatility, so the look of the bag can be perfectly adapted to the needs of fashion-conscious women who like to be the center of attention and who are available for any fun.

Gabs bags design

Gabs bags can be identified by their eye-catching design - similar to the Moschino bags philosophy.

Typical is a turquoise button which can be found on many Gabs bags (for example Gabs G3).

Campomaggi and Caterina Luggi are designing the trendy Gabs handbags for modern confident women.

Gabs multi-material bags:

Another special feature of Gabs is the combination of different material mixes in one and the same model.

At some Gabs handbags the inside can be rotated outwards, so the design is changing, for example according to the season (summer / winter).

Functional design & fashionable sophistication: Gabs tries to make bags for everyday situations that are not only fashionable but also practical.

The convertible Gabs bags are made of high quality and finest leather with a certain young & cheeky "Italian touch".

Gabs G3

gabs bags italy
Gabs bags

One of the most popular and most flexible Gabs bags is the Gabs G3 according to the principle "3 in 1".

This handbag from Gabs is a quick-change artist:

By use of innovative push buttons the Gabs handbag is equal to 3 bags:

Shoulder, Tote and Shopping Bag

The convertible bag in 3 shapes for any occasion.

You can twist and turn her as you like - with the Gabs G3 you always have the right bag for your outfit, as well for the office as for shopping or the evening.

The Gabs G3 bag was invented by the Italian fashion designer Franco Gabbrielli.  With this bag he could attract a lot of attention in Hollywood.

The handbag "Gabs G3" is available in smooth leather or patent leather, as well as in numerous colors.

Gabs Shop - Gabs bags Italy

Gabs shop
Gabs bag Shop


Florence: Via Sant’Egidio 9r
Florence: Via del Parione 35
San Marino: Via Piana 111


Showroom Marco Picena
20134 Milan: Via Tucidide 56

47020 S.Carlo di Cesena: Via S. Carlo 1707/2709
(about 30km north from Rimini)

Gabs bags you can find worldwide in Europe, Japan, USA, ...

Gabs bags are produced in Italy / Florence.

Gabs Outlet - Gabs bags Outlet

In Italy you can find the following Gabs Outlets:

Unfortunately, until now there is no Gabs Outlet.

Gabs handbags you can find only in the stores and online shops.

Gabs Online Shop - Gabs online Boutique

If you would like to buy Gabs bags online at the best price, we recommend to compare the prices of several online stores.

All Gabs bags models (Gabs Emozionante, G3, ...) can be found on the official Gabs Website:

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