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Riomaggiore Cinque Terre – Attractions Riomaggiore

Cinque Terre Riomaggiore

Cinque Terre Riomaggiore
Riomaggiore Italy – Panorama

Riomaggiore is the easternmost of the five villages of the Cinque Terre. This village on the Ligurian coast is especially for lovers very romantic.

In Riomaggiore is the beginning of the famous Cinque Terre lovers walk called “via dell'amore”, which runs along the steep rocky coast to the neighboring village Manarola.

The today's Cinque Terre lovers walk Riomaggore - Manarola was originally carved in rocks to construct the railroad.

Afterwards the path was used by people in love, who met between the neighboring villages Manarola and Riomaggiore.

There is a small train station in Riomaggiore "stazione Riomaggiore" to reach the village by train.

Riomaggiore is one of the most beautiful sights in the Cinque Terre National Park.

Due to the steep coast there is only a very small beach in Riomaggiore.

In the past the habitants of Riomaggiore lived mainly from vine growing on the for the Cinque Terre characteristic stepped terraces on the hills and also from fishing.

Today they still produce the famous Cinque Terre wine, but instead of fishing the tourism has become more and more important.

The houses of Rio Maggiore are painted with typical traditional colours, follow the layout of the tower houses. They are structured in three or four floors.


Riomaggiore Italy: history

The origin of the Cinque Terre village Riomaggiore dates back to the 8th century.

A group of Greek refugees escaped from the persecution of the Emperor Leo III of Byzantium and they have built the first settlements on the top of the mountain Montenero.

After the year 1000 the safety at the sea has improved thanks to the expansion of the Republic of Genoa. So the inhabitants of the primitive hilltop settlements moved gradually further down to the sea.

Thus the origin of the today's Cinque Terre village Riomaggiore was founded.

The first historical information about the area of Riomaggiore goes back to the 13th century, in particular the year 1251, when the inhabitants of the district Carpena have sworn an oath together with the Republic of Genoa in the war against Pisa.

Later the land of Riomaggiore moved into the possession of the Fieschi, who in 1276 sell it together with the other villages of the Cinque Terre and large parts of eastern Liguria to Genoa.

Riomaggiore train station

Riomaggiore station
Riomaggiore train station

For a long time the easternmost village of the Cinque Terre was only accessible by footpaths or from the sea.

Thanks to the construction of the railway line Genova - La Spezia Riomaggiore could escape from the historical isolation, even if the train station "stazione Riomaggiore" was completed late in the sixties.

Since then goods - and of course the excellent Cinque Terre wine – can be transported much more easy.

Today Riomaggiore has a small train station "stazione Riomaggiore" located in the east of the center.

The Riomaggiore train station is positioned directly on the coast and is connected by a pedestrian tunnel to the center of the village.

You can reach Riomaggiore by train from Genoa, Sestri Levante, Levanto and Pisa.

By train you can move quick and economically between the 5 villages of Cinque Terre.

Here you will find more information about the Cinque Terre train

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Riomaggiore beach

Cinque Terre beach
Riomaggiore beach

The beach of Riomaggiore is not advisable for a holiday at the seaside.

There are only two small beaches on the lateral sides from the harbor of Riomaggiore.

But you have to share the space with the remaining fishing boats.

If you are looking for a beach in the Cinque Terre, then we can recommend Levanto or Monterosso al Mare.

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Cinque Terre hiking: Cinque Terre lovers walk “Via amore”, Riomaggiore to Portovenere

The famous blue trail "sentiero azzurro" connects the five villages of the Cinque Terre.

Riomaggiore is located at the end of the trail along the coast. From here you can take the Cinque Terre lovers walkvia dell'amore” to the neighboring village Manarola (west of Riomaggiore).

The via dell'amore (also called “Cinque Terre lovers' lane”) is one of the most popular trails of the national park.

From Riomaggiore you can take also another very beautiful footpath along the coast to the neighboring village Portovenere (east of Riomaggiore).

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Riomaggiore attractions - things to do in Riomaggiore

What to do in Riomaggiore ? Here you can find the most popular attractions of Riomaggiore, which you should see during your visit:

Cinque Terre Riomaggiore: tower houses and castle

Riomaggiore Italy
Riomaggiore Cinque Terre –
tower houses on steep cliffs

The village is dominated by closely built together colorful houses and narrow streets.

Three to four floors high but narrow tower houses are stringed together - so they formed a city wall as protection against pirates.

Above the village you can find the castle "Castello Riomaggiore", built in the 13th century - as protection against the Saracens. Today the castle is utilized as a cultural and educational center.

Next to the castle is the Chapel of the Holy San Rocco and San Sebastiano from the 15th century.

Italy Riomaggiore: churches

The small village Riomaggiore has five churches and chapels.

In the center of the village we can find the parish church "Parrocchiale di San Giovanni Battista" built in 1340 by the bishop of Luni. It is the largest and most important in the village.

However the oldest in the village is the Church of St. Anthony from the XIII century, which offers as sight a beautiful fresco.

Riomaggiore attractions: Sanctuary of Montenero

The Sanctuary of the Madonna di Montenero (Munteneigru) is located on the hill overlooking the village below.

We can find a first nomination of this Church dates back to 1335  The Sanctuary should have – according to the tradition – very old origins (VIII century).

The church was renovated several times and changed in 1740 and 1847. The tradition requests that the first symbol of the Byzantine sanctuary should be admired – in this case the "Signora di Soviore".

You can reach the church of Montenero by a hiking trail or with an adventurous ride on a monorail.

Riomaggiore Hotels

Hotel Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre Hotel
Porto Roca Monterosso

In our opinion one of the most beautiful hotels in the Cinque Terre is the Porto Roca Monterosso which is located directly on the coast and offers a wonderful panoramic terrace overlooking the sea.

From the hotel you can reach Monterosso beach by a short walk.

In front of the Hotel Porto Roca Monterosso passes the blue hiking trail Monterosso Vernazza.

Thus, this hotel is the perfect starting point for a Cinque Terre hiking tour.

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Cinque Terre Hotels

Cinque Terre attractions

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