Tauern section toll

Tauern digital section toll: buy e-vignette for Tauern motorway section online

Tauern section toll
Tauern toll station - Reserved lane for digital section toll

The A10 Tauern motorway section is a toll route. Together with the Brenner Pass, the Tauern motorway is one of the most important connections across the Alps to Italy. The toll section consists of two tunnels: Tauern and Katschberg Tunnel.

The Tauern section toll (Tauern and Katschberg Tunnel) is 13.50 EUR (prices 2023).

In front of the toll station there are often long queues because many are still paying the section toll with cash or card. If you would like to avoid the traffic jam at the Tauern toll station on your journey to Italy, then I recommend you to buy the digital section toll for the Tauern online.

The digital section toll was formerly also known as video toll. Your number plate will be registered and you can drive through the toll station in the reserved lane "digital section toll". I have tested it myself - here you can find my experience report: this is how the video toll works for the Tauern motorway section.

Buy the Tauern digital section toll online

There are a number of providers from whom you can buy the e-vignette, e.g. from our partner

The following information is required when purchasing

  • Selection Austria route toll + Add to shopping cart
  • Selection A10 Tauern motorway
  • Period: 1 journey, 2 journeys, annual card
  • Country: Enter registration state (country in which the vehicle was registered)
  • Number: Enter license plate number
  • Valid from: date
  • Contact details (name, e-mail, ...)

Validity of the digital section toll

From the date of purchase, the e-vignette is valid immediately (without a waiting period) for 1 year.

The validity date is written on the purchase confirmation. So you can use the toll at any time within this period.

Normally the section toll is valid immediately, but if you wish you can also choose a later date.

Purchase confirmation section toll

After you have purchased the digital toll at you will immediately receive a PDF file as confirmation of purchase.

It is not necessary to print the purchase confirmation as your license plate number is already stored in the system and at the toll station no printout is required.

Simply check if the correct license plate number has been entered and you're done.

Reserved lane at the Tauern toll station

Tauern section toll
Green lane "Digital section toll" at the Tauern

If you have already purchased the digital section toll, you can use the reserved green lane. This is usually on the left side of the toll station and is marked with a sign “digital section toll” or “video toll”.

You can theoretically use also any other lane, but there might be some queue if the vehicles in front of you are paying with cash or card at the toll station, which needs more time. For this reason, I prefer the faster video toll lane.

Attention: You are not allowed to use the "GO Lane", this is reserved for vehicles over 3.5 tons with the corresponding GO toll box. This truck lane is usually on the right side of the toll station. Stay away from it.

License plate control and barriers

The maximum speed is 15 km/h so that the number plate can be read by a scanner. As soon as the system recognizes your number plate and has verified your authorization, the traffic light turns green and the barrier opens automatically.

You can drive through without waiting and get to your destination faster!

Advantages e-vignette

  • No traffic jams in front of the toll station
  • No stopping at the toll station, reserved lane
  • Easy payment by credit card, Paypal

Buy the Tauern digital section toll


Here you can buy the e-vignette for the Tauern section immediately: Register your number plate in just a few seconds:

Vignette evidence

If you would like to make sure that your car or motorcycle has a valid digital section toll, you can check this by using a public register called vignette evidence.

Simply enter license plate number and country of registration, and you will receive information on the type of vehicle, which e-vignette was purchased for which section and the exact period of validity.

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