Gotthard tunnel toll: Gotthard tunnel costs - Gotthard road tunnel "galleria Gottardo"

Gotthard tunnel

Gotthard toll
Gotthard tunnel from Airolo to Göschenen -
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The Gotthard tunnel in the southern Switzerland is together with the Brenner motorway one of the most important north-south routes across the Alps to Italy.

The St. Gotthard Tunnel is with 16.9 km length the 3rd longest road tunnel in the world, connecting the Swiss canton Ticino from Chiasso to Como in Italy.

In the summer months there is a lot of traffic in the Gotthard road tunnel and so there are often traffic jams.

It is often asked if there are any Gotthard tunnel costs or if there is a Gotthard tunnel toll - here you will find all the information about the Gotthard Tunnel:

Gotthard road tunnel: Cost Gotthard tunnel - Gotthard tunnel toll

While the Brenner motorway is a toll road, for the Gotthard tunnel (and also San Bernardino tunnel) there are NO additional toll costs.

The Gotthard road tunnel is part of the road network in Switzerland (motorway A2 Basel - Chiasso) where you will need an annual Swiss vignette.

If you have purchased the Swiss vignette, then you do not have to pay additional costs for the Gotthard tunnel.

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Gotthard road tunnel: Gotthard tunnel fees - costs Gotthard tunnel A2

The Gotthard tunnel fee is already included in the annual vignette.

At the motorway junction Bellinzona the drivers coming from the San Bernardino tunnel will join with those coming from the Gotthard tunnel.

Then all of them will follow the common route via Chiasso to Como in Italy.

Until Chiasso (canton Ticino, on the border with Italy, customs at Chiasso) there will be no additional tolls in Switzerland.

After the Gotthard tunnel you will have to pay a motorway toll in Italy beginning from Como (Swiss border at Como):

Motorway A9 Lainate-Como-Chiasso

Here you can calculate the toll in Italy:
Italy toll calculator

For example:

  • Chiasso (Como) - Florence: about 30 EUR (date of issue 2020)
  • Chiasso (Como) - Pisa: about 37 EUR (date of issue 2020)

Gotthard tunnel "galleria Gottardo", St Gotthard tunnel San Gottardo: expansion plans

Gotthard tunnel
Gotthard road tunnel - speed limit

The tunnel San Gottardo was built between 1970 and 1980 - and since then the traffic is increasing all the time – so every year again there are long jams at the Gotthard Tunnel.

The longest road tunnel in the Alps is heavy trafficked in the summer months – there are passing more than 35,000 vehicles each day.

Thus the tunnel "galleria Gottardo" is a high frequented traffic connection between northern and southern Europe.

For a long time the construction of the second Gotthard tunnel is discussed.

But the second tube of the Gotthard road tunnel would cost more than 2 billion euros - and the date for the start of construction is always postponed.

Instead the Swiss government proceedet with the construction of the 57 km long Gotthard base tunnel (opened 2016) to shift the truck traffic from road to rail.

The almost 17 km long Gotthard road tunnel "galleria Gottardo" leads through the Gotthard massif:

North entrance:

South entrance:

In the Gotthard tunnel there is contraflow traffic

The speed limit is 80 km / h

In October 2001 there was a fire in the tunnel caused from the collision of two trucks. As a consequence the tunnel was renovated and made safer.

Since then trucks have to keep a safe distance of 150m, which is controlled by a dropper system (traffic light at entrance). So the quantity of trucks per day is limited to max. 3,500.

Gotthard Pass: bypassing the Gotthard road tunnel via the mountain pass

Because of the fact that there is no Gotthard tunnel toll normally it does not make sense to bypass the Gotthard road tunnel.

But especially in high season, when there are often traffic jams before the Gotthard tunnel, it could be an option to take the Gotthard Pass.

When the St. Gotthard tunnel is blocked because of too much traffic, then you can bypass via the historic Gotthard Pass (Passo del San Gottardo).

The Gotthard Pass leads through the Gotthard massif, but in the winter months it is not always open.

Since the opening of the Gotthard railway tunnel (15 km long tunnel since 1882) and Gotthard road tunnel (motorway tunnel since 1980) the historical Gotthard Pass has lost his importance.

Railway Gotthard Base Tunnel: Gotthard Base

More than ten years drilling heads working on the "century-construction" in the mountains.

Finally, on June 2016 the 57 km long Gotthard Base Tunnel was opened for the railway.

It is the longest traffic tube in world that connects the canton Uri and Ticino.

The new railway base tunnel helps to reduce the traffic load from the Gotthard road tunnel.

Trucks can shift on the rail, furthermore high-speed trains are connecting Zurich and Milan with 250 km / h.

Gotthard Tunnel: Webcams, traffic, road blocks, diversions, ...

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  • Gotthard tunnel traffic reports
  • Webcams Gotthard tunnel (Göschenen, Airolo)
  • Traffic news, diversion via Gotthard Pass
  • In case of block: redirection via San Bernardino tunnel
  • ...

Official website (German, Italian) :

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Italy toll - more information

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