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VIAcard Italy

viacard for italy
VIAcard for Italy

The motorway toll in Italy can be paid cash, with credit or debit card, as well as the so-called Viacard for Italy "VIAcard".

The ViaCard is a prepaid card which allows to pay the Italian motorway fee.

The VIAcard can be purchased with the following credit:

1) Italy VIAcard 25 EUR
2) Italy VIAcard 50 EUR
3) Italy VIAcard 75 EUR

With both VIAcard and the Telepass Italy you can pay all motorway tolls in Italy (with the exception of Sicily).

We will show you how to pay the road toll in Italy by use of the VIAcard. Furthermore you will find a list with all advantages and disadvantages of this debit card.

Advantages VIAcard Italy

  • Cashless payment of motorway tolls in Italy
  • The card is transferable to another person
  • No expiration date
  • The VIAcard is available for everyone - there is no need for an Italian bank account
  • You can use the blue track "CARTE" with usually shorter waiting time than cash payers (less queues)

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Disadvantages VIAcard Italy

  • Since credit cards are accepted the prepaid VIAcard is quasi obsolete
  • For frequent travelers the TELEPASS is more practical because if you use VIAcard you have to stop to pay
  • Problem remaining credit: the remaining credit on the card is not clearly evident – it is displayed only during the payment
  • Complicated procedure to pay a differential amount if the remaining balance on the card is not sufficient
  • No payment of remaining balance: balances remain on the prepaid card and cannot be refunded
  • If the card is lost or stolen, there is no refund

Buy VIAcard Italy: where to buy the VIAcard for Italy ?

telepass italy viacard
Italy Toll station - pay with VIAcard

You can buy the VIAcard for Italy at toll stations and service areas. Attention: the VIAcard is no longer available in Automobile Clubs like ADAC in Germany, also ÖAMTC has ended the cooperation with ACI Automobile Club d’Italia since october 2019.

The prepaid credit is usually 25, 50 or 75 EUR.

The VIAcard also can be ordered online – taking into consideration the necessary delivery time.

For example you can buy the VIAcard and video toll (TELEPASS) at some online shops and also some banks are selling the cards.

Order TELEPASS tollbox online

TELEPASS Italy tollbox
TELEPASS Italy tollbox

Reduce waiting time when paying at the Italian toll stations and get on vacation faster! Simply order the TELEPASS toll box, fix it on the windshield and it's already done.

With the toll box you do not have to stop at the barrier, you can just drive through the toll station.

Simple monthly debit. Transparent accounting system.

Payment with PayPal or credit card.


Toll box Telepass Italy order online, save time & stress!

Buy VIAcard in Italy

You do not have to pre-order the VIAcard - it can also be purchased directly in Italy.

Where you can buy the VIAcard:

  • Toll stations (for example on the border Italy Brenner, etc.)
  • Service areas (Autogrill)
  • Petrol stations in Italy
  • Punto Blu service station of the Italian motorway company
  • ACI - Automobile Club d’Italia

Pay tolls in Italy with VIAcard

When you exit the Italian motorway you will reach the toll station, the so-called "casello".

If you have a VIAcard, you can take the blue track "CARTE".

Some very big toll stations have also a reserved lane for VIAcard

Note: if the toll fee exceeds the available credit on the VIAcard it is not possible to pay the difference in cash, instead you have to use another VIAcard or credit card.

Of course you can also take the white trail for cash payment, but normally there is the longest queue.

  • After inserting the toll ticket into the automatic machine, the amount to be paid will be displayed.
  • Now insert the VIAcard into the machine.
  • The payment of the toll proceeds and the remaining balance will be displayed.

Recommendations how to pay the toll with VIAcard

If you need an invoice for the toll, then press the button "Ricevuta".

If you need help, then press the red button "Assistenza".

Suggestion: Write the remaining balance on the plastic cover of the VIAcard, otherwise you will have forgotten it until next time.

VIAcard Italy - balance not sufficient ?

If the remaining balance on the VIAcard is not sufficient for the payment, you will be asked to pay the difference with another VIAcard or credit card.

The toll can be paid in the blue track "CARTE" as follows:

  • No. 1 VIAcard
  • No. 2 VIAcards (if remaining credit on 1st VIAcard is not sufficient)
  • Credit card
  • No. 1 VIAcard + credit card

Important: Do not drive back to change to the cash track (punishment !!). If you have problems you can ask for assistance by use of the button "Assistenza".  The motorway tolls can also be paid subsequently in a service point of the motorway "PuntoBlu".

More information about VIAcard Italy you fill find on the official website from autostrade per'Italia:

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