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refueling in Italy

How to fuel your car in Italy

petrol station Italy
Petrol stations in Italy

Refuel in Italy is not the same as in Germany, Austria or other countries of the EU.

The Italy diesel prices and Italy gasoline prices are much higher (here you can find our comparison of petrol prices in Italy as well as diesel prices in Italy).

We'll tell you in which petrol stations you can refueling you car cheap in Italy.

In addition for the fuel types there are used other names for diesel, gasoline, liquid gas, ... in Italian.

Outside of the Italian motorway network “Autostrada Italia” many petrol stations in Italy are not staffed 24 hours.

So for emergencies you should know how works an Italian self-service petrol pump - which is from my personal experience not easy at the first time.

Petrol stations Italy fuel types: gasoline and diesel in Italy

Gasolio, diesel
= Diesel in Italy, diesel Italy

Diesel Extra, BluDiesel (Eni)
= Diesel with additives for clean injection system and emission reduction, additive "Cetane Booster"

Benzina, Senza piombo
= Petrol in Italy, premium gasoline with octane number 95 without lead = "Senza Pb" (Pb = piombo)

Benzina Extra, BluSuper
= Petrol with a higher octane number 98, almost sulfur-free, gasoline Italy

The current and best petrol price in Italy as well as the cheapest diesel price in Italy you can find in the comparison of petrol stations in Italy.

On the website you find the price of all petrol stations in Italy and thus you can find the best price for gasoline and diesel in Italy.

LPG = GPL = Liquid gas in Italian

gpl italy
GPL in Italy

In Italy liquid propane is called G.P.L. (Gas di petrolio liquefatto).

In German the liquid gas is also called LPG (liquefied petroleum gas or low pressure gas), but in Italy it is usual to call it GPL.

LPG / GPL stations Italy
In Italy it is already possible to refuel liquid gas tanks at many auto gas filling stations.

Details: see below “Agip petrol stations network Italy”

Cheap refueling in Italy: fuel prices in Italy

fuel price italy
Fuel prices in Italy

If you are traveling on the motorway in Italy and you are looking for the cheapest petrol stations, then you can find the prices for gasoline and diesel on the website of Autostrade per l'Italia:

Motorway service station network Italy

In the chapter "Prezzi Carburanti e servizi offerti" you can find online the current fuel prices on Italy's motorways.

"I prezzi più convenienti" shows the top 3 petrol stations in Italy with the cheapest diesel or petrol price.

On the Italy map you can choose the province or city in Italy to which you want to know the current fuel prices “Prezzi Carburanti”.

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Agip petrol stations Italy: ENI station finder

On the website of ENI ( see ) you can use the “ENI station finder” to show you all Agip petrol stations in Italy:

fuel types in Italy
Point of sale petrol station network Agip Italy Fuel type
Metano Methane
Standard + BluDiesel (Diesel Tech) standard and special diesel
Super 95, BluSuper Petrol 95 / 98 octane

Tank you car cheap in Italy: self-service petrol pumps

In general the fuel prices in Italy are higher than in Austria or Germany.

The Italian Petroleum and Energy company ENI / AGIP has a big network of service stations (about 4.400 Agip petrol stations in Italy)

If you use the self-service "FAI DA TE" you can save about 10 cents per liter when refueling. We will show you, how it works:

Self-service petrol pumps in Italy – how you can refuel your car in Italy

italy petrol pump
Self-service petrol pump in Italy
  1. Get in line for a self-service pump of a petrol station in Italy
  2. Stop in front of a gas pump with green light which means "in operation"
  3. Open the fuel cap and remember the number of the pump
  4. Go to the "FAI DA TE" automatic terminal (usually in the middle of the pumps)
  5. Make sure that the machine is ready: on the display you should read "Inserire bancnote" (= insert banknotes)
  6. Insert banknotes (only 5, 10, 50 EUR are accepted but not coins)
  7. The credit will be shown on the display
  8. Press the button "Richiesta Ricevuta" if you need the bill (otherwise after refueling there is no way to receive any bill!)
  9. Select the number of the pump – for example press the button for “pump 3”
  10. Pull out the desired nozzle (petrol, diesel, ...) and start refueling the car - the pump stops automatically when the credit is finished
  11. Finished - with the Self-Service you have saved about 10 cents / liter

Attention: Do not insert too much money, because no remaining money can be returned! And often you do not receive any bill! Credit cards and debit cards are often NOT accepted and the terminals will spit them out in a wide arc.

Gasoline prices motorway Italy: refuel cheap in Italy

If you drive on the motorway from Germany, Switzerland or Austria to Italy, then you can find in the chapter petrol prices in Italy and diesel prices in Italy our recommendations how  to save money while refueling in Italy.

INSIDER TIPS ITALY wish you a good trip and enjoy cheap refueling in Italy!

Italy fuel prices - more information

Here you can find further information regarding current petrol and diesel prices in Italy and how to refuel the car in Italy: