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Italy motorway toll

Italy toll
Italy toll station - pay with

In Italy the road tolls are quite high – for a distance from the border of Italy beginning at the Brenner Motorway (see Brenner toll) to Genoa (520 km) will cost by car, in addition to the high cost of petrol in Italy, around 35 EUR.

There is no vignette for Italy, instead the highway toll is charged by use of a ticket that you will get when you enter the motorway.

We have collected for you a lot of recommendations for travelling on the motorway in Italy:

  • Italy toll calculator – calculate highway toll in Italy
  • How to pay tolls in Italy: payment options for motorway tolls, get in lane
  • Problems at the toll gate
  • ViaCard prepaid card (see VIAcard Italy)
  • Telepass Autostrada Italia (see Telepass Italy)
  • Punto Blu
  • Traffic and traffic jams

It is often asked how much is the road toll in Italy - here you will find all information about the toll road:

Italy highway toll calculator - calculate motorway tolls in Italy, tolls Italy

You can calculate the motorway toll for Italy online by use of the website Autostrade per l'Italia

ADAC Italy toll calculator cars:

The highway tolls for Italy you can find very clear if you use the maps from the automobile club ADAC:

Pay toll at the “caselli” toll gates

When you enter a motorway in Italy you will normally get a ticket “biglietto” (magnetic strip). When you exit the motorway the toll “pedaggio” will be calculated at the toll gate “casello”.

How to pay the road toll - options:

  • CASH: most easy, but always the longest jam in this lane
  • CARTE - Debit Card: does not work always, for no reason some Maestro cards are not accepted
  • CARTE - Credit Card: without problems
  • CARTE - VIAcard: quick, but complicated - Pre-Payed cards for highway toll in Italy, must be acquired before entering the motorway, balances tricky -> see VIAcard
  • TELEPASS : very fast thanks to a reservated lane without stop, automatic billing -> see Telepass Italy, works also for tourists with international bank account

Lanes on the toll gates in Italy

It is important that you get into the correct lane at the toll gate (pay attention to the colored signs).

Problems at the toll station

If you make a mistake and you got into the wrong lane, then you must stay in this lane because going back is not allowed! Instead you should go on and ask for assistance at the automatic toll machine.

Pay motorway tolls at the automatic toll machine

Italy road toll
Pay via automatic toll machine

If you are neither the patient cash payer (white lane) nor the privileged Telepass owner (yellow lane), then you will be greeted from the toll machine (blue lane) with the following words:

"Introdurre prima il biglietto e poi la tessera"

You will not find a button for "English", therefore you should know that you have to insert first the ticket and then the card.

Note: On the ticket you can find an arrow that indicates the correct direction for insertion.

As soon as the amount to pay appears on the display, you can insert the ATM card / credit card / VIAcard to pay.

If you require an invoice, then you should press afterwards the button "Ricevuta".

VIAcard, VIAcard prepaid, VIAcard Autostrade for toll in Italy

You can pay the Italy motorway tolls by use of the prepaid card VIAcard.

Costs for VIAcard:  can be charged with 25 €, 50 € or 75 €.

Here you can find more information about paying the motorway tolls with the VIAcard Italy

Italian motorway TELEPASS

The yellow priority lane with the yellow "T" is the fastest payment of highway tolls without stop.

But you need a contract with Telepass (see buy Telepass Italy) and an electronic receiver that has to be fixed behind the windshield.

Autostrada Italia - traffic and traffic jams

On the website of Autostrade per l'Italia you can find the recent traffic situation on the motorways in Italy.

Furthermore there are many Webcams to observe the traffic

Unpaid tolls in Italy - How to pay

Italy toll Ticket mancato pagamento
Unpaid toll Ticket "mancato pagamento"

If you accidentally drive on the Telepass lane at the toll station or there are problems with the payment, you will receive a long receipt from the machine after pressing the help "Aiuto" button with the label "Mancato pagamento" so that you can pay the toll later.

On the unpaid toll receipt you will find the UNPAID TOLL TICKET NUMBER "numero del mancato pagamento" - e.g. 50671255xx, your plate number and the outstanding amount.

On the back you will find information about the payment options and which company (Essediesse, CAV, ...) is responsible for the motorway section.

Here as an example of the payment instructions for the motorway section "A4 Torino Trieste", which is managed by "CAV - Concessioni Autostradali Venete S.p.A.":


The amount must be paid within 15 days of the date of transit on the website by credit card or prepaid card. Online payment is quick and free of charge.


Alternatively, payment can be made:

  • at the Centro Servizi in Venezia-Mestre station;
  • at the highway tollbooths of the CAV S.p.A. network, only at the manned booths;
  • by bank tansfer to the current account payable to CAV - Concessioni Autostradali Venete S.p.A., at Poste Italiane,
    IBAN: IT73P076010200000094538659
    specifying, as the reason for payment, the VEICLE NUMBER PLATE and UNPAID TOLL TICKET NUMBER.

If the payment is made after the 15th day, the amount will be increased by the assessment fees.

Italy toll - more information

Here you can find further information regarding toll roads in Italy and how to calculate and pay the motorway toll: