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Brenner motorway toll

Brenner motorway
Brenner motorway to Italy

We have collected for you all information about the Brenner motorway toll so you can calculate your fees on the toll road.

If you come to Italy by car, many will take the Brenner motorway where you have to pay the Brenner toll.

The Brenner motorway is divided into 2 sections toll with different tolls:

A) Brenner motorway A13 in Austria: Brenner section toll

B) Brenner motorway A22 in Italy: "Autostrada del Brennero"

It is often asked how much is the Brenner cost in Austria and Italy - here you will find all information about the toll road:

A) Toll Brenner motorway - special toll route A13 in Austria

When driving from Austria / Innsbruck in direction to Italy / Brennero, then you will pass on the 35-km long special toll route A13 in Austria / Tyrol.

The special toll route between Innsbruck south and the border Austria-Italy at the Brenner Pass (altitude 1.350 meters) can be traveled by car <3.5 t without vignette.

Instead of the vignette you have to pay a section toll at the tollgate “Schönberg” to the Austrian “ASFINAG” when you are crossing the “bridge of Europe”.

Brenner toll Europa bridge:

Brenner motorway toll austria
Brenner toll in Austria -
Europe bridge

The 190 m high bridge “Europabrücke” is the second highest bridge in Europe.

Brenner motorway toll to pay at the tollgate Schönberg:

Section toll for category cars <3.5 t (one direction):
11.00 EUR (Price 2023)

The Austrian Brenner toll must be paid to:
Schönberg toll station „Mautstelle Schönberg“
Brennerautobahn 4
6141 Schönberg im Stubaital
TEL +43 (0) 50108-39000

Fill up before entering in Italy:

Before you take the Brenner Pass to Italy, you should refuel in Austria - here you will find information about the current high diesel price in Italy - for example at the A13 exit "Innsbruck Süd" where you can find a convenient SHELL petrol station.

How to pay the Brenner toll:

The Brenner motorway toll can be paid by cash or the usual credit and debit cards.

It is even more convenient if you buy the e-vignette for the Brenner online - your license plate will be registered and you can drive through the reserved lane to avoid traffic jams at the toll station: see pay section toll for Brenner online

Toll road A12: The Austrian motorways as well as the A12 motorway to Innsbruck are toll roads and cars <3.5t have pay the toll by use of a vignette (for example 10 days vignette).

Motor vehicles > 3.5 t must pay the Brenner motorway toll by use of the GO-Box (Austrian truck toll system).

If you drive regularly on the A13 Brenner motorway special toll route, then you can also buy a monthly or annual pass.

Bypass the Brenner toll:

If you come from Germany you can avoid this toll: take the exit at Garmisch-Partenkirchen to get directly on the Brenner motorway A13.

You can pass on the A13 Brenner motorway without vignette because it is a special toll section for cars / motorcycles. If you want to bypass the roads that require the vignette then the first / last exit is Innsbruck south.

B) Brenner toll A22: Brenner toll in Italy

Brenner motorway toll Italy
Brenner toll in Italy
till exit Affi / Lake Garda

The Italian section of the Brenner motorway is denominated as "Autostrada del Brennero".

Built in the 1960s the Brenner motorway was one of the first mountain motorways in the world and beginning from the Italian border it is managed from the autostrade per l'Italia.

The Brenner toll in Italy is calculated based on the distance covered. As described in the chapter "toll Italy" you will receive a ticket at the entrance to the Italian motorway in South Tyrol. When you exit the motorway the toll price will be calculated.

The most convenient payment solution is the TELEPASS toll box, which you can order online.

The “Autostrada del Brennero” is 314 km long and extends from the Brenner to Modena. It connects Austria and Germany with Italy and so it is one of the most important axis.

Brenner toll calculation:

If you drive by car on the Italian Brenner motorway A22 till to the Lake Garda “Lago di Garda”, the following Brenner toll becomes due:

Toll Brenner motorway “Autostrada del Brennero” to Lake Garda exit "Affi":

Toll for category motor vehicles  <3.5 t (one way):

EUR 15,60 (rates 2023)

Calculate the motorway toll:

Here you can find our Italy toll calculator to calculate the Italian toll.

If you drive on the Italian motorway till Genoa, then you would have to pay following toll charges:

Brenner toll calculation
Motorway section Toll charge
(rates 2023)
Motorway Austria 10-days vignette 9,90 EUR
Brenner motorway Austria A13
Section toll “Europa bridge”
Toll gate Schönberg
11,00 EUR
Brenner motorway Italy A22
Section toll Brenner-Affi
15,60 EUR
Motorway Italy A4, A21, A7
Section toll Peschiera-Genoa
21,30 EUR

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